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ICT Geelong's Role: Facilitator

‘The $50,000 I.T. Invention Test’ is an investment pitching competition, founded by ICT Geelong(the Geelong Region ICT Network). The competition is focussed on helping innovators and entrepreneurs commercialise I.T.-based ideas, early stage projects and start-ups.

We are interested in any idea, early stage project or start-up that incorporates a major element of I.T. as a part of its solution. Projects may be;

    • Software (and SAS)
    • Systems
    • Applications
    • Product or service
    • Web
    • Mobile
    • Communications
    • Social Media
    • Research (with Commercial application)

The submission may be;

  • Software, systems, applications, tools, services and / or products;
  • A newly developed offer (ie novel research with commercial potential);
  • An adaption of an existing product / service, or;
  • Applied use of an existing technology.

Ultimately, we are interested in projects with the best commercial application or potential.

ICT Geelong's Role: Endorser

Geelong Entrepreneurs Network is a group for all Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Intrapreneurs and Small Businesses in Geelong.

Geelong Entrepreneurs gives an opportunity to budding entrepreneurs to connect, interact and socialize with each other. We are a diverse and open group seeking active participation from entrepreneurs of Geelong, passionate about their ventures.

We organize regular meetups that are informal and unstructured in nature. These meetups provide members a means of interacting with learned individuals and growing their network. Not just great means to further one’s knowledge, these meetups are great fun. You can catch up with a fellow member over a drink.

How will this be beneficial to you? You can seek advice, collaborate, develop an idea, seek partnership, and get funding, gain insights, etc. The benefits are endless. What this means is that your business will get visibility that could in turn lead to endless opportunities. What one needs is conviction and you can get on boards ideas and individuals for your business. All these possibilities without bearing any costs!!!

Come join us if you are open to communication, learning, sharing ideas, and experiences, passionate and want to meet some awesome people!!!


$50,000 IT Invention Test
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09 August 2015 by Aamir Qutub, in Start-up, Entrepreneurship & Investment

$50,000 IT Invention Test

Geelong Entrepreneurs Network
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09 August 2015 by Aamir Qutub, in Start-up, Entrepreneurship & Investment

Geelong Entrepreneurs Network

IT Invention Test members are:

Name: Robert Reed

Organization: FE Technologies


Name: Craig Hill

Organization: ASTN


Name: Aamir Qutub

Organization: Enterprise Monkey


Name: Terry Hickey

Organization: City of Greater Geelong


Name: Rod MacDonald

Organization: City of Greater Geelong


Name: Hadden Finger

Organization: Regional Development Victoria

Name: Saeid Nahavandi / Michael Johnstone / Mathew Watson (Centre for Intelligent Systems Research)

Organization: Deakin University


Name: Todd Hubers

Organization: Alivate/Startup Cloud


Name: Jennifer Cromarty

Organization: Committee for Geelong


Name: Victoria Laspas

Organization: Enterprise Monkey


Name: Nick Stanley

Organization: Sky Software