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Upstart Challenge

Organisation : UpStart Challenge
Contact : Heather/ Jenny Perks
ICT Geelong’s role :  Supporter

The Upstart Challenge is an Entrepreneurial Program and Business Ideas competition for high school students aimed at building an entrepreneurial culture and fostering strong relationships between students, educators, industry and the community. Upstart builds skills and experience to help our young people make their mark in the new economy.

It began in 2012 as a concept created by the St Joseph’s College Foundation Geelong in recognition of the region's transforming industrial economic heritage and the need to prepare young people for the changing employment landscape. 

Now the Upstart Entrepreneurial Challenge is an independent not for profit organisation with the support of the Victorian State Government, Industry Sponsors, the Education Sector, and continued financial sponsorship from the St Joseph’s College Foundation. This is critical for the program to achieve its goals.



Upstart Challenge
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28 August 2015 by dev, in Steering Group

Upstart Challenge

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09 August 2015 by Aamir Qutub, in Steering Group


Co Working Space
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26 June 2015 by Aamir Qutub, in Steering Group

Co Working Space

Startup Geelong Fund
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26 June 2015 by Aamir Qutub, in Steering Group

Startup Geelong Fund

National Broadband Network
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26 June 2015 by Aamir Qutub, in Steering Group

National Broadband Network

Steering Group members are:

Name: Steve Gale

Organization: The Gordon


Name: Craig Hill

Organization: ASTN


Name: Terry Hickey

Organization: City of Greater Geelong


Name: Jon Roberts

Organization: One Rabbit


Name: Elaine Carbines

Organization: G21


Name: Rod MacDonald

Organization: City of Greater Geelong


Name: Hadden Finger

Organization: Regional Development Victoria


Name: Tina Price

Organization: Callista Software Services


Name: Nick Stanley

Organization: Sky Software


Name: Neil McQuinn

Organization: Surf Coast Shire


Name: Ian Priddle

Organization: Codeacious

Name: Tim Clark

Organization: Connectel


Name: Mike Vanderkelen

Organization: Infotech Marketing & Comms


Name: Amey Robertson

Organization: Scene Group


Name: Aamir Qutub

Organization: Enterprise Monkey


Name: Todd Hubers

Organization: Alivate/Startup Cloud


Name: Jennifer Cromarty

Organization: tandemVox


Name: Liz Grant

Organization: Chamber of Commerce


Name: Victoria Laspas

Organization: Enterprise Monkey


Name: Saeid Nahavandi / Michael Johnstone / Mathew Watson (Centre for Intelligent Systems Research)

Organization: Deakin University


Name: Leighton Wells/ Robert Foster

Organization: Digitalsmith