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The Technology Voucher Program has been developed to drive the use of cutting edge technologies and to support Victorian companies to compete locally and globally through the creation of more competitive products and processes. This program replaces and expands on the Small Technologies Industry Uptake Program (STIUP).

This program has been designed to help companies adopt and develop new technologies by providing a voucher that can be exchanged for access to facilities, goods, services, advice or expertise provided by other companies or publicly funded organisations.

The program specifically targets the development, adoption and integration of ICT, industrial biotechnology and small technologies (nano and micro scale technologies) by businesses.

Complementary to the Technology Voucher program, the Innovation Voucher Program is a new initiative of the Victorian Government that supports businesses wanting to explore ways of improving their competitiveness and productivity. It provides responsive and nimble funding to help companies access the know-how needed to innovate.

By supporting greater business innovation, the Innovation Voucher Program aims to facilitate improved performance (particularly with respect to productivity) and growth of businesses.

The program supports businesses at various stages of their product or development life cycle, and encourages and stimulates further business collaboration and research partnerships.

The program is primarily targeted at small and medium businesses. How to apply?

Prospective applicants will need to complete the Innovation Voucher Program Application Form. For more information on the different vouchers including eligibility and assessment criteria, visit the Business R&D Voucher page and the Innovation Skills Voucher page, or download the Innovation Voucher Program Guidelines visit:

On 1 October, Springboard Enterprises Australia will call for applications from women entrepreneurs who wish to take their businesses to the next level of development via venture capital. For some information about the program see:

Springboard's community-driven accelerator is designed to help companies scale.

Springboard's forum programs recruit, coach, support, and promote investment-ready, high-growth companies led by women. And after 11 years of working with several hundred companies, we've figured out the secret to overcoming the hurdles startups face when trying to scale.
Springboard Portfolio Companies have raised over $5.5 billion in capital.

And that's just the money raised. We estimate that the ROI of the Human Capital that's been invested in Springboard companies is 20X that amount!
First and foremost, Springboard is an expert network of seasoned entrepreneurs. Our mantra is 'once you're a part of Springboard you never leave.' But that's because entrepreneurship is not a job it's a calling and Springboard is passionate about entrepreneurs.

We can only do this with your help. We'd love you to get involved!

If you're an investor looking to augment your deal flow with qualified investment opportunities, a service provider looks to source new clients or an industry expert looking to share your expertise, or someone just looking to support the startup ecosystem in Australia: we want you to get involved in our program and would love to share more about those opportunities.

For more information contact Rosemary O'Connor on: 0499 639 622 or email her at