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Health RFID

ICT Geelong membership keeps on paying dividends 

It is easy to argue that Robert Reed is the ‘go to’ person to outline the benefits of ICT Geelong membership. He was a driving force in its establishment and its chairman for three years from 2009 when it was set up. “We had a vision that such a group could help the region make the transition to a digital economy by providing a focus for its small but growing community of ICT businesses.” Today, Robert is even more convinced of the benefits of ICT Geelong membership for three companies with big vested interests in the digital economy in which he has senior management roles.

He is chairman of Forms Express which, with a history of more than 20 years in Geelong, is a major provider of increasingly electronic services to local government and utilities. With more than 60 staff, Forms Express shares corporate headquarters in Breakwater with Health RFID and RFIDTECH, two start-ups that combined already employ six people. Health RFID is rapidly gaining credibility and clients across Australasia on the back of radio frequency identification device (RFID) technology which is deployed to the health sector to track pathology specimens and to minimise wastage of blood products.

Last year Mr Reed sold a company which used the same RFID technology to capture a large client base in the domestic and overseas libraries market.

He says the benefits of ICT Geelong membership include networking and developing good business relationships which have led to him being able to capitalise on mentors in Silicon Valley

ICT Geelong has contributed to the creation of an eco-system for ICT through initiatives such as the Geelong Angel Investor Network. One of the specific benefits of ICT Geelong membership Mr Reed cites is knowing what grants might be available to foster business development. This is complemented by being able to access the knowledge of people “that have done it before, as well as hardware and software developers”. More generally the benefits include the ability to improve one’s business education in a wide range of topics says Mr Reed.

“Geelong is seeing more start-ups and it will benefit the economy for the people behind them to be more professional.” Referring to the Geelong region’s strength and focus on technology in the health arena, Robert Reed says “it’s an environment that is big enough but small enough. You can more easily make the sort of valuable business connections here than in a larger city.”

Health RFID operates in Australia and New Zealand and is looking to increase its presence in the North American and Asian markets.

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Author : Mike Vanderkelen

Mike Vanderkelen has extensive experience as a marketing and communications consultant, writer and journalist specialising in the information and communications industries. Through his company Infotech Marketing & Communications he has consulted to Australian and international providers of ICT products and services, as well as to end users of information technology in industries including building products and services, manufacturing, mining services, medical systems, hospitality, financial services and tourism.

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