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 Apps developer an optimistic new member of ICT Geelong

New members of ICT Geelong Ian Priddle and Glenn Schmidt could have located their apps development business Codeacious anywhere, having embraced geographic independence by putting their infrastructure in the cloud. But they chose to stay in Geelong, believing that the city and region is reinventing itself.

Their belief is supported as much by the growth in customers for their innovative mobile apps, as by other initiatives they see happening around them which are designed to change the regional economy.

Visitors to the Queenscliff Music Festival or Pako Festa would immediately understand how apps built by Codeacious which support either event, enrich the experience by personalising it.

Everything that was hitherto in a printed format is now a digital publication providing the user with the chance to map out their own agenda to see the acts they want, find their way around locations and venues, research artists and acts and even highlight conflicting schedules when the visitor wants to see two things at the one time.

While those apps used by consumers may be higher profile, the benefits of mobile apps for businesses in the region are highlighted in the B2B side of Codeacious customer base. Best exemplifying such an app is that developed for Warrnambool-headquartered SWI Engineering, a manufacturer of machinery to bend and shape metal for the building industry. On a construction site, the Codeacious app enables a builder to use an iPad to draw the required flashings for a building and have them sent immediately, error-free, to the SWI-made equipment used by metal fabricators.

Before forming Codeacious in 2011, Glenn and Ian had been business partners in an event production company delivering sound and lighting services and drawing on Ian’s qualifications as an audio engineer and Glenn’s as a software engineer from Deakin University.

“You could say that everything we do is ‘theatrical’ to the extent that we aim for perfection behind the curtain or on the stage. Our focus is to help people to see more and get the best from their experience,” Mr Priddle said.

This year the partners decided to join ICT Geelong. Ian Priddle said “we could see that ICT Geelong was increasing the momentum and scope of its activities, such as in its support for the Upstart Challenge, an entrepreneurial program and business ideas competition.”

Formed in 2011, Codeacious could have been set up in Melbourne but the partners wanted to stay in Geelong. They knew it would be harder to try and create a business here. So a founding principle was to remain geographically independent, with its infrastructure being in the cloud. While Ian wears the designer’s hat, Glenn is responsible for turning designs into solid and resilient back-end services. Working interactively the business embraces agile development methodologies.

“We are a software company and we will go where the latest iteration of software technology takes us,” Mr Schmidt says.

Having begun building native apps for iOS or Android platforms, Codeacious is now eying Apple’s latest move into the TV set top box so it sees itself heading for the lounge room.


Author : Mike Vanderkelen

Mike Vanderkelen has extensive experience as a marketing and communications consultant, writer and journalist specialising in the information and communications industries. Through his company Infotech Marketing & Communications he has consulted to Australian and international providers of ICT products and services, as well as to end users of information technology in industries including building products and services, manufacturing, mining services, medical systems, hospitality, financial services and tourism.

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